Cops 4 Cancer
"A Brotherhood of Officers"

Cops 4 Cancer Started
Nearly 9 years ago
The way that it unfolded
Is something you may not know

One officer lost his father
Another lost his mother, too
The two officers got together
And said "What can we do?"

Let's try to raise some money
to help families in need
We will try to ease their burden
while their battling this disease.

So they reached out to the community
and local businesses too.
With donations and support,
Everyone really did come through.

The event was such a success
It got bigger the next year
Fellow officers, friends and family said
"If you need help we are here."

Then Cops 4 Cancer officially started
No longer just about two
But a brotherhood of officers
Many of them lost family too.

Cops 4 CanceR,inc.

Home Page

Cops 4 Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of law enforcement officers from the Illinois Valley area.  The Cops 4 Cancer mission is to help residents of the Illinois Valley who are stricken with cancer and suffering from the financial perils the disease creates.

When we initially started Cops 4 Cancer, we raised money for Illinois Valley Community Hospital.  However, in 2010, we became our own entity distributing money directly to families in the Illinois Valley.  

How does this work?  Area families who are suffering from the financially draining turmoil cancer can cause complete an application requesting funding through our organization.  A committee, made up of community members independent of Cops 4 Cancer, review these applications and distribute money accordingly. 

Since June of 2011, we helped nearly 190 Illinois Valley families.  We paid their mortgage or rent.  We paid their utilities, bought groceries, funded transportation, made insurance payments, paid medical bills and much, much more.  We helped them to focus their energy on beating their cancer and less on how they could afford to pay their medical bills while keeping a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

We couldn't have helped these families without the support of our community and local businesses.  Click here to view the hundreds of businesses that contribute to this cause.

Since June of 2011, Cops 4 Cancer has helped nearly 
190 families in our community

by distributing over $425,000 in these ways:

$126,000 in Rent/Mortgage Payments
$69,000 in Grocery Cards
$40,000 in Utility/Insurance Payments
$61,000 in Transportation Expenses
$23,000 in Pharmacy/Medical Bills
$107,000 in Other Specific Family Requests
(ie. Hotels, Lawn Care, Home Cleaning, Wigs)

Thank you for your support!

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